Set Up Your Private Practice with One Click!

(Even if You’re Not Super Tech Savvy or Don’t Have Any Experience in Business)



Are you a therapist starting a private practice??


Well, you’re in luck! 


We’ve gathered all the documents, resources, and tools you need so you don’t have to spend months searching to get your business up and running. 


Stop anxiously searching your best guesses for starting a private practice and do it all with our one-stop shop of The Practice Toolbox. 


So, we know you might be wondering... “Will what they offer fit my unique needs as a practice owner?”... We’ve got you covered! 


We’ve worked with hundreds of therapists over the past 7 years, keeping what works and getting rid of what doesn’t, offering you the very best, most efficient, and easiest to use tools!


Other therapists or business owners may have told you to “do everything yourself because only you know what you need”


Or maybe others have asked “why waste money on getting help when you can just do it for free on your own? Starting a practice is already expensive.”


We get it, and we’ve been there too. It may feel like you’re alone in starting your practice, and that spending more money is the last thing that sounds helpful. But hear this--the reality is, time is money, time is what we can so easily lose in the beginning stages of starting a practice making it extremely difficult to balance things out when we start from a place of drowning in todo’s and never having enough time. 


So why waste 30+ hours searching, solving problems, and getting systems up and running when those hours could’ve made you over $3,000?? (not to mention all the time you’ll save in the future with these easy to maintain systems and tools)..


When it comes to starting your own practice, having the RIGHT tools and resources is PIVOTAL in getting ahead fast, creating a profitable business, and staying organized so you’re less stressed. 


Believe us when we say these tools and resources will help jump start your business from the start. We’ve refined our library down to what works best, is most efficient, and easiest to use. 


Ditch wasting your time when we’ve already curated everything you need in one place!


We’ve already done the trial and error part FOR you. Skip the pain of setbacks, confusion, and loss of time with The Packaged Practice. 

What’s in it?

Practice Toolbox is a full library filled with dozens of tools, resources, and documents we’ve found most helpful when building or maintaining a successful and profitable practice.



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What you’ll get:


* You'll unlock dozens of documents to track your practice and team's performance that are easy to use and understand

* You'll have access to templates and tools to plan your private practice growth. (From long term goals to marketing)

* You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that slow down MOST therapists when trying to set up their private practice saving months of time and stress

* You'll get special templates and resources to onboard and hire new clinicians with just a click

* You'll have access to a library filled with everything you need to jumpstart a new private practice or to maintain it.   

* You’ll run your business instead of it running you from the start

* You'll help more people and make more money so that you can take care of yourself, your family, and your future, and finally live the life you always imagined


Get our Exclusive Library for Private Practice Owners!

This is the simplest way to set up and organize your private practice.

What are these tools and resources?

  • 4 quadrants
  • KPI’S
  • Basic Business Plan
  • BAA (Business Associate Agreement)
  • Private Practice Resource List
  • Ideal Clients description
  • Process Roadmaps
  • Launch Task List
  • Initial Call script for therapists 
  • Initial Call script for VA’s
  • Active clients
  • Client Rate Increase Letter
  • Referral list
  • Superbill template
  • Call tracking spreadsheet
  • Profit & Loss Statement Template
  • Budget template
  • Marketing Plan
  • Ideal Clients description
  • Content Schedule
  • New Hire Job description Template
  • TherapyDesk VA training
  • Orientation - Onboarding Training
  • Org Chart
  • Offer Letter Template
  • VA Hours Worksheet
  • Retention calculator

So why waste 30+ hours (equal to over $3,000 in potential client sessions) when you can get everything you need now?

Just to sweeten the deal because we know you’ll love what’s in here, we’re offering a money back guarantee for 60 days. If you don’t like The Packaged Practice, just email us at [email protected] and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked!

So here’s the deal, we’ve gathered documents from hundreds of hours of coaching and our own experience in setting up therapy practices. 


Our regular price is $500, but for a LIMITED time, we are giving our complete library for only $250!

The Only Catch?

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Download ready- to- use templates to set up your systems

Save hours of work with our exclusive online library

Boost your impact and help more people

Are you ready to dive into our curated templates and tools that will get your systems going and create an organized, scalable, and profitable practice from the start without the trial, error, and lost income?...Or stay stuck google searching with anxious best guesses to what you might need?

Get our Exclusive Library for Private Practice Owners!

This is the simplest way to set up and organize your private practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

This product is for counselors, therapists, psychologists and coaches who want to build, set up and organize their private practice in an easy and convenient way.  All you have to do is purchase our product and you'll get access to our exclusive online library. We have gathered dozens of documents to help you create systems, keep your financial records and set-up  processes.  

With Practice in a Box you'll get instant access to an online library with the following characteristics: 

  • 15 + Documents and templates to create your private practice systems
  • Marketing templates and scheduling calendar
  • Budget and Profit & Loss Spreadsheets.
  • Onboarding, systems and flowcharts to set up hiring processes. 

We offer an array of coaching options for our clients, go to to find out more.  

No worries! Shoot us an email at [email protected]and we'll be happy to help.

Get our Exclusive Library for Private Practice Owners


Lock in the FOUNDER'S price by Friday, July 2nd at 5:30 PM PST.

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To your success, 

John Clarke


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