Grow your practice confidently with Owner Dashboard Premium

Track the key metrics of your business in a simple, beautiful, automated dashboard.


Transform your business
from anxious best-guessing
to data-driven confidence.


Do you struggle with:


  • Identifying the key metrics of your business
  • Knowing your financial numbers
  • Spending more than you're earning
  • Knowing whether your marketing is working
  • Knowing what to focus on next in. your business
  • Evaluating client retention and attrition
  • Maintaining manageable, predictable business growth

You’re not alone. Too many people needlessly struggle to make their private practice profitable, stable, and fun to run.

Owner Dashboard Premium provides a better way to make your dream practice a reality. 

Owner Dashboard Premium will help you become a confident and competent business owner

Identify Key Performance Indicators

Our dedicated data specialist will sit down with you to first identify the key metrics of your practice. We'll help you identify the most important vital signs that reflect the true health and future growth potential of your business.

Track Your Metrics in Real-Time

No more clunky, manual spreadsheets with broken formulas and scattered numbers. With Owner Dashboard Premium, you'll get access to your own custom-built simple, beautiful, automated dashboard.

Make Confident, Data-Driven Decisions

No more second-guessing, no more feelings-based decisions about your business. Replace anxious best-guessing with data-driven confidence.


It’s about more than just numbers. It’s about creating the business of your dreams.

Owner Dashboard Premium will help you work smarter instead of pushing you to the brink of exhaustion.

When you leverage technology in your business, you can build regular, steady income that makes life more manageable (and business more enjoyable).

"ODP brings all my business metrics into one screen so I can clearly see trends and make more informed decisions about my business.
Now I feel poised to step up my game and know I have the information I need to know if I'm on track to meet my goals.
My favorite part is that it is in my company colors :)"

— Mary K Logan, MPA, MA, LMHC

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay the One-Time Setup Fee and First Month's Fee
  2. Meet With Your Dedicated Data-Specialist
  3. Your Dashboard Gets Built Within 1-2 Weeks
  4. Grow Your Business Confidently with Your New Custom Owner Dashboard


– Ongoing email support whenever you need it

– Access data insights only available to Owner Dashboard Premium members

– Attend live monthly Q&A calls with our data specialist as part of your membership



“Working with John is one of the best things I have done for myself as a therapist and as a business owner. I feel more confident and secure in my practice, and I've seen an average of a 64% increase in income since we began working together.”

— Meg Hamilton, LPC

Grow a business you love with the guidance
of someone who's done it before.


Meet John Clarke, LPC, LPCC

John Clarke MA, EdS, NCC, LPC is a licensed counselor, former group practice owner (sold in 2019), and private practice coach at He’s been helping therapists get more clients, make more money, and master private practice since 2013.

When he's not nerding out over all things private practice, he's pretending he knows how to play jazz drums, punching people in the face (gently...ish) at Muay Thai kickboxing, and talking to his pets like they're humans.

"I completed the majority of my five year goals in the seven months I worked with John, and never felt stressed in the process. I make more money, work less and am now able to focus on the next stage of my business life as my business is automated as much as possible, which gives me freedom and the time to fully be what I was meant to be."

— Carol Adkisson, LMFT




NORMAL PRICE: $297/month

  • Initial strategy session with our data specialist
  • Full build of your new custom dashboard
  • Ongoing email support whenever you need it
  • Access to monthly live Q&A calls with our data specialist

**No minimum commitment. Cancel anytime.**


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