"Learn How To Create and Launch a Successful Online Course or Membership Site with Our Proven 5-Step Method"

(Even if You’re Not Super Tech Savvy or Don’t Have an "Audience")


Create and Launch Your Own Online Course or Membership Site Using Our Proven 5-Step System

Acquire the exact process I used to go from $0 launches to consistent $30k monthly launches, including how to:

1. Choose your course or membership site idea

2. Validate your idea so that people are guaranteed to buy

3. Build a world-class funnel

4. Market your webinar using entirely free methods

5. Sell, create, and deliver your program

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Turn your skills and expertise into a scalable online program

Stop relying only on client session fees

Help more people


Hey private practitioners,


If you want make more money and help more people, then this may be the most important thing you'll read all year! 

Because in private practice today, generating revenue beyond just your therapy sessions is the difference between a business that thrives or a business that starves!

Here's how I know...

My name is John Clarke, I'm a licensed therapist and I help therapists grow their businesses.

In 2013 I grew and scaled my first private practice from the ground up using the exact method I teach therapists today. I've now taught this method to over 300 therapists. I've started and scaled 5 businesses in 5 years, including a group counseling practice that I recently sold.

In 2018 I launched my first course that generated $11,000 in 24 hours. Two months later, I was running $30,000 launches and have generated over $266,000 in course sales alone this year.

This training program is going to give you a major head start in creating your own online course or membership site.

As a therapist in private practice, the biggest threat to your business is that you only make money when a client is on the couch.

And every minute you wait is another minute that someone else is creating and launching YOUR course idea.

John Clarke, LPC

John Clarke MA, EdS, NCC, LPC is a licensed counselor, former group practice owner (sold in 2019), and private practice coach at PrivatePracticeWorkshop.com. He’s been helping therapists get more clients, make more money, and master private practice since 2013.

When he's not nerding out over all things private practice, he's pretending he knows how to play jazz drums, punching people in the face (gently...ish) at Muay Thai kickboxing, and talking to his pets like they're humans.


Let's face it: your therapy practice doesn't scale.

Therapists, counselors, and psychologists in private practice fail or get burned out because there are only so many hours in a week for you to see more therapy clients, and you can only raise your fees so high.

When You Join The FREE Course Creation Masterclass, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...

* You'll discover exactly how to create and launch an online course or membership site so that you can make more money and help more people.


* You'll understand exactly why MOST therapists who try to create and launch a course or membership site never make a single dollar - and exactly how you can avoid their costly mistakes.


* You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST therapists make when trying to create and launch an online course or membership site and go right to a proven process that works.


* You'll know exactly how to create and launch your online course or membership site - even if you're not tech-savvy or don't have an "audience."

* You'll help more people and make more money so that you can take care of yourself, your family, and your future, and finally live the life you always imagined

* Think about how good you'll feel when you launch your course or membership site WITHOUT all the headache, guessing, and overwhelm.


* When you know how to generate additional revenue beyond your therapy sessions, think about all the ways you can use your new income to better your life.


* You can become the therapist in your area that every other therapist asks, "how are you making all this passive income?!"

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So Here's The Bottom Line With The Course Creation Masterclass

When you join the free masterclass, we help you setup a proven system to create and launch your online course or membership site, even if you don't have an idea for your course or membership site yet.

You get all this absolutely free...no strings attached.

Frequently Asked Questions

This training program is for counselors, therapists, psychologists and coaches who want to create and launch a successful online course or membership site, whether you're just starting out or you already have a course or membership site and want to boost your sales and the quality of your program. This program is best for people who are smart, motivated, driven, and ready to take responsibility for their business and get things done.

This training program teaches you how to implement our 5-step system for creating and launching a profitable online course or membership site.

The masterclass is broken into 5 short video trainings that can be completed in less than 1 hour. After completing each training, you will need time to implement the action steps.

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