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Build a private practice you love and become the business owner you always imagined.


Join our mastermind community.


You have a business that constantly demands your attention. An email notification that you're tempted to check during dinner. A struggling team member who keeps you up at night. A financial picture that isn’t what you always hoped it would be. Stressors that show up as health problems.

And relationships that need more of you.  

I know what it’s like to try to keep up with all the demands of running a business, while still showing up fully in the other parts of your life that matter the most.  

I help therapists just like you to not only grow a more profitable practice, but to live more balanced, healthy, and impactful lives.

Meet the business made human masterming community.


"Before working with John I felt lost in how to move my practice forward. I had a lot of clients, but it was all through insurance, making my hourly income low and adding extra paperwork. This was extremely stressful and I did not feel financially stable. 

After working with John, I got a better handle on what it takes to build a thriving practice. I was able to leave insurance panels and am ready to hire another clinician!"

 -Alyssa Mairanz, LMHC

"I was stressed, didn't know my numbers, didn't realize the correct ways to make a website, market, SEO, etc. I feel more confident and secure now, and connected to others."

 -Julia Ayraud, LPC-S

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"Everyone goes through the same roller coaster of emotions when starting their business. Knowing that is helpful. I feel John helps get to the heart of the issue and helps keep me focused on what is important." 

-Dr. Adam Mathews, PhD

"My private practice life before working with John was very confusing, with little to no 'roadmap' on how to scale or promote my business. I felt like I had a lot of pieces, but didn't know how to put them together."

- BMH community member

Focus on what really matters.

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Your business has to work for you. I'll teach you how to dial in your marketing, automate your business, setup multiple income streams, skyrocket your profits,

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All we really have is our health. And if you're not healthy, you're not running your business, or showing up for your family, or having an impact.

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Relationships are what matter most--let them be your inspiration for what you do, but don't sacrifice your relationships for the stuff that doesn't really matter.

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You want to know that what you're doing has an impact . I'll help you define and create the legacy you've always imagined.

"Love working with John and other group members. Love John's authenticity and his knowledge and guidance! Well worth the investment and time!"

BMH community member

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Meet John Clarke, LPC, LPCC

John Clarke MA, EdS, NCC, LPC is a licensed counselor, former group practice owner (sold in 2019), and private practice coach at He’s been helping therapists get more clients, make more money, and master private practice since 2013.

When he's not nerding out over all things private practice, he's pretending he knows how to play jazz drums, punching people in the face (gently...ish) at Muay Thai kickboxing, and talking to his pets like they're humans.


The nitty gritty.

Dates and Times

The new group will meet every week for 1 hour, for a 6-month "semester." Each group is limited to 10 members.


We meet in a video conference room using Zoom. Each member will share their "wins," we will review results of the accountability tool, discuss questions from the assigned book reading for the month, and then 2 members will each have a "hot seat" where they'll get focused attention from the group.


Your investment to join our community is $450 per month. The true value of the group is beyond monetary.

Build a private practice you love and become the business owner you always imagined.

Join our mastermind community.

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